#249: Overcoming Adversity: Joe Woodhouse’s Inspiring Path to Massive Success

Today’s guest is a very special one – Join me in welcoming Joe Woodhouse, one of my good mates and someone I’ve had the honour of working very closely with. In this captivating conversation, we explore Joe’s dynamic career path and the pivotal moments that shaped his life. Joe’s story takes a personal turn as […]

#246: Reshaping the Future of Business with Disruptive Entrepreneur Saba Yussouf

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart, and for many SME founders, securing funding is a challenge. Countless startup founders face difficulties when it comes to obtaining capital, often leading them to give away a significant portion of their equity in exchange for investment. However, today’s guest is here to revolutionise the […]

#244: Eradicate Anxiety and Become ‘Unstressable’ with Happiness Expert Mo Gawdat

In the face of personal tragedy, my guest on this week’s episode of The Spencer Lodge Podcast resolved to dedicate his life’s work to pursuing happiness. Having suffered the heart-wrenching loss of his son, he sought solace in the world of literature and drew inspiration from the brightest minds – starting a journey that has […]

#243: Unraveling the Complexity of Relationships with Renowned Psychologist Sadia Khan

Dive into the complex world of relationships with renowned psychologist and relationship expert, Sadia Khan. With an extensive background as a psychology teacher, Sadia has honed her skills to provide therapy and online coaching services primarily catering to couples. Drawing from her vast experience, Sadia specialises in uncovering the profound impact of childhood trauma on […]

#242: How to Rewire Your Brain for Instant Transformation with Celebrity Therapist Marisa Peer

Get ready for a life-changing episode as we welcome world-renowned celebrity therapist, Marisa Peer back to the show. From working with British Royalty, best-selling rock stars, Hollywood celebrities, well-known CEOs, and Olympic athletes, Marisa’s expertise is simply unmatched. Unleashing the power of her multi-award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Marisa has revolutionised the concept of traditional […]