#265: From Instagram Star to Stock Investor: Travel Guru Shares His Hidden Wealth Strategies


Get ready for an epic journey with Vipin Sumithran zkotambath, a viral travel influencer with over 109K followers as he shares the secrets to living life to the fullest. From exploring the UAE to diving into the world of finance, this episode is a passport to adventure and financial insights all in one captivating conversation. Vipin’s Instagram showcases his incredible travels, and he recently embarked on a different kind of adventure: exploring stock investments. Partnering with Nemo Money for the #FindYourNeme Challenge, he found the perfect industry to invest in through the Nemo app.

Discover how Nemo Money, a subsidiary of Exinity, with 25 years of industry experience, can help you find the perfect investment amongst 8,000 stocks and ETFs using Nemes. These Nemes group stocks by industry, topic, or trend, offering tailored investment ideas and data to align with your goals. As a bonus, new depositing account holders receive a free stock for a limited time. Don’t miss this episode that combines the thrill of exploration with the wisdom of financial success! Check out Nemo’s website to learn more: https://app.nemo.money/spencerlodge1

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Show Notes

00:56 – Exploring Vipin’s journey as an Instagram Influencer

06:25 – Vipin’s opinions on money

12:50 – Vipin’s experiences with investment apps

21:58 – Vipin’s best investment decisions

24:45 – The steps to make an investment

29:26 – Vipin’s advice for younger individuals on investment strategies

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