#264: Is an Economic Meltdown Looming? Siam Kidd Shares Alarming Insights!


Prepare to be captivated by the incredible journey of Siam Kidd, a former pilot with the Royal Air Force who transitioned into a self-taught full-time trader, thriving in the financial world for the last 17 years. In this eye-opening episode, we delve into Siam’s roller-coaster ride from early losses to ultimate triumph, amassing seven figures through trading and investing. In this episode, he shares how he made an astonishing £426,000 in just a few hours during Black Monday in 2015 and achieved an astounding 10,000% ROI on his crypto portfolio. We tackle a range of topics, from building a business through trial and error to the impending economic meltdown. Siam offers his unique insights on the shortcomings of the education system and how people can identify opportunities. And of course, we dive deep into the world of Bitcoin. Get ready for an unforgettable ride as Siam shares his remarkable experiences and invaluable wisdom. You’re going to want to hit play now!

Show Notes

02:14 – Siam introduces himself

18:27 – Building a business through trial and error

25:45 – Siam’s greatest challenge

34:44 – Discussing the impending economic meltdown

44:56 – The shortcomings of the education system in teaching practical life skills

48:15 – Uncovering how people discover opportunities

01:07:19 – Diving into the world of Bitcoin

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