#270: Surviving Chaos: Simon Alexander Ong’s Life-Changing Advice of Resilience and Reinvention


It’s not every day that you meet someone as widely respected in the personal development world as Simon Alexander Ong. After losing his mum in a tragic accident at just 17 years old, Simon grappled with overcoming this traumatic loss. Eventually, he channeled his grief to drive himself forward, achieving massive success in banking. However, like many of us, the 2008 Global Financial Crisis hit him hard, sending him back to rock bottom.

When faced with tough times, most people tend to mope around and stay defeated – but not Simon. He became fascinated by the power of personal development and obsessed with reshaping his trajectory. Today, he stands as a highly successful personal development entrepreneur and coach, regularly featured in Forbes, The Financial Times, and Cosmopolitan. Simon firmly believes that the best investment one can make is in oneself, imparting genuine wisdom to those who seek it.

In this captivating episode, Simon delves into his personal journey, detailing his career transition and rise to becoming a leading authority in transformative growth. He shares powerful mindset hacks and dives into some controversial opinions about why money can never buy happiness. As a bonus, Simon offers insights into his upcoming book, ‘Energize,’ a guide to the fascinating art and science of energy management.

Folks, Simon has a story that will inspire you like never before, making this an episode you definitely don’t want to miss!

Show Notes

2:40 – The impact of Simon’s Chinese-Malay heritage

7:41 – Personal loss in Simon’s early years

16:24 – His transition from corporate to entrepreneurship

31:01 – Expected outcomes of his coaching sessions

36:48 – Simon’s work

41:17 – Managing quick result expectations

44:03 – Coaching lifestyle transitions

46:52 – Money vs. Happiness

49:37 – The role of gratitude in Simon’s life

52:03 – Insights on Simon’s book, Energize

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