#269: From Millionaire Stockbroker to Ecstasy Trafficker: Shaun Attwood’s Unbelievable Escape from a 200-Year Prison Sentence!


Do you ever wonder how highly successful people find themselves in the most unimaginable situations? This is what happened to Shaun Attwood, a stock market millionaire-turned-ecstasy trafficker who found himself in the dark underworld of America’s drug scene.

After being arrested, Shaun was thrown into the infamous Maricopa County Jail in Arizona which is known for its extremely high death rate because of the murders that take place within the prison. Filled with fear, Shaun witnessed the most horrifying scenes imaginable – gruesome murders by guards and gang members, dead bodies getting kicked around like a football, dead people carried out on stretchers, and crystal meth being passed around freely. This was the harsh reality Shaun faced while serving a 200-year sentence. Despite enduring a gruelling legal battle, Shaun managed a miraculous escape after six years, thanks to a legal technicality. This harrowing time in Shaun’s life became a wake-up call, forcing him to turn his life around.

Determined to get his life on track, Shaun immersed himself in the world of books, reading over 1,000 in just under six years. He attributes his rehabilitation to reading and has written more than ten books himself. Join us as Shaun dives deep into his epic personal transformation, sharing his intense encounters with gang members, various Mafia families, and the unforgiving criminal scene in America. He also discusses what prompted his podcasting journey, his encounters with faith, and the emotions surrounding his arrest and release. Tune in now for an adrenaline-pumping episode!

Show Notes

01:29 – Shaun’s podcasting journey

04:08 – Shaun introduces himself

06:54 – Why he moved to America

12:30 – Encounters with gangs and crime

25:17 – The turning point in his criminal life

38:59 – Where he was arrested

42:47 – Shaun’s emotions during his arrest

55:41 – What motivates him to read

01:01:03 – Shaun’s spiritual discovery

01:12:17 – His reaction to the impending release

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