#268: Domicile, Inheritance Tax and Financial Planning: The Inside Secrets of UK Wealth Preservation


If you’re British and want to protect your wealth, then this is an absolute must-listen-to. Folks, prepare yourself for a mind-bending discussion with Carlton Crabbe, the go-to authority in mastering inheritance tax in the UK, as he unravels the complexities of preserving your wealth. In this gripping episode, Carlton spotlights the intricate web of UK tax planning, detailing the secrets behind mitigating tax liabilities and securing your wealth. Tune in as he demystifies the process of handling inheritance tax upon one’s demise and unveils the crucial steps to initiate a comprehensive tax planning strategy. Learn about the ins and outs of domicile in the UK and its pivotal role in financial planning. But folks, hold on — there’s more. Carlton delves into the necessity of synergy between financial advisors, estate agents, and crypto advisers, ensuring a unified strategy for your financial future. Learn how synchronising these experts will guarantee a foolproof plan aligned with your financial goals. Get ready for an eye-opening conversation that will change your approach to wealth preservation and tax planning. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Show Notes

02:03 – Carlton shares what he’s working on and his mission

12:07 – How is inheritance tax actually paid?

25:16 – How to plan for inheritance tax and mitigate it in the best possible way

36:37 – Being domiciled in the UK

51:56 – Should financial advisors coordinate with real estate and crypto advisors for alignment?

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