#271: What’s Going On With Binance? An Insider’s Peek into Crypto and CZ with Binance’s Alex Chehade


Investing in cryptocurrency is no longer just a trend. It’s an absolute must for any savvy investor to allocate a portion of their assets into cryptocurrency. And who better to learn from than the Executive Director and General Manager of Binance Dubai, Alex Chehade? In this episode, Alex joins the show and dives head-first into the exciting world of cryptocurrency – sharing his epic journey from studying physics to becoming a trader and investor. His crypto journey began when his friends convinced him to invest in Bitcoin, a decision that led him to go all-in on virtual assets in 2016. His role at Binance involves overseeing and expanding the regulated finance business in Dubai while taking the lead in fostering the growth of the regional ecosystem.

In this episode, Alex shares his insights on managing a team of 600+ remote workers and how he leverages his 20+ years of experience in finance and cryptocurrencies. Alex explains it all – From how to build your portfolio to understanding market sentiments. He also sheds light on how a crypto exchange works and its role in bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds.

Learn more about Binance’s educational initiatives, such as the Binance Academy, and its impact on cryptocurrency education. Alex also provides insights into his experience working with Changpeng Zhao, the former CEO of Binance, and discusses the UAE’s ambitions to establish itself as a crypto hub. So, grab your pen and paper for an exclusive peek behind the scenes into the unpredictable world of cryptocurrency.

Note: This interview was recorded prior to CZ pleading guilty to money laundering violations and stepping down.


Show Notes

02:59 The start of Alex’s crypto journey

11:18 Alex’s insights from Binance

17:38 Are coders introverted or extroverted?

19:05 Alex’s leadership challenges

20:20 The current market sentiment

25:41 Viability of holding assets for ten years

30:04 Binance’s competitive landscape

32:03 Alex’s business focus

35:05 More about Binance’s education

37:52 The importance of advocating more crypto education

42:38 Alex’s investor profile

45:37 Insights on Binance’s (former) CEO, CZ

48:21 UAE’s enthusiasm as a crypto hub

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