#272: Secrets to Dominating the Digital World: Exclusive Insights from Digital Prophet, David Shing


He’s a futurist, speaker, and strategic digital consultant whose bold persona as the ‘Digital Prophet’ has redefined brand optimisation within the digital world. Meet David “Shingy” Shing – as he reveals his decades-long journey identifying emerging trends and predicting the digital future. In this episode, Shingy challenges conventional norms, sharing his pride in being different and stirring up controversy by questioning life’s A-to-Z roadmap. Tune in as David discusses authentic altruism and exclusive insights from his game-changing stints at Verizon Media and AOL, where he spearheaded digital revolutions across continents and co-authored groundbreaking technology patents. Folks, if being at the forefront of digital innovation is high on your priority list, then you simply can’t afford to skip this episode.

Show Notes

03:49 David’s upbringing

09:15 The power of being different

24:27 Should there be a formula to navigate from A to Z in life?

30:24 Dissecting the podcast’s tagline, “Challenging Mediocrity, Inspiring Success.’

43:19 How do people seize the chance to push themselves and truly demonstrate who they are?

45:10 The importance of authentic altruism

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