#273: Was It All Just A Scam? Jake Greenbaum Reveals The Truth Behind Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo


Dubbed the ‘Crypto King’, Jake Greenbaum, one of the biggest Traders in the USA, joins the show to finally shed light on what the crypto community has been wondering about: What actually happened with Logan Paul’s failed CryptoZoo NFT project? Jake confronts the accusations against him and the project’s co-founders, sharing the cold hard truth of what really went down and how Logan Paul’s crypto empire fell apart. But, beyond the scandal’s smoke and mirrors, Jake shares his insider tips on cryptocurrency and priceless advice for newcomers who are hesitant to invest. Jake also dives into how to choose the right exchange and his recommended crypto portfolio breakdown for crafting a powerful investment strategy. Tune in for a revealing conversation about Logan Paul and his NFT scandal, the latest on cryptocurrency, and powerful life lessons.


Show Notes

04:59 – Jake’s relationship with his parents

08:35 – His crypto journey

10:56 – Why people fear learning about crypto

21:49 – Ideal percentage of assets in crypto for long-term exposure

28:54 – Selecting an exchange and opening your account

32:08 – When Jake achieved financial freedom

38:19 – Unveiling the truth about Logan Paul’s failed CryptoZoo NFT project

01:18:35 – Reflections on his life journey and self-discovery

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