#274: How the Web3 Revolution is Changing our World with Expert Hervé Larren


Web3 is changing our lives, and the sooner you catch up, the better. Known as ‘The Most-Connected Man in Web3,’ Hervé Larren joins Unscripted With Spencer Lodge to dissect Web3 and the opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse. Hervé is the Founder and CEO of Airvey.io, an enterprise that builds, supports and advises Web3 companies. He was also an early adopter of bitcoin and blockchain, and is featured regularly as an expert in top media publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg and CoinTelegraph. It’s rare that you find someone who can simplify complex subjects so easily which is what makes this episode a must-listen-to if you are curious about understanding how Web3 is changing our lives. In this episode, Hervé shares his personal journey into Web3, his predictions for the future of cryptocurrencies, why he believes in NFTs and what he thinks is next for the metaverse. However, the most intriguing part is his prediction that a country will form in the cloud! To learn about this, and much more, tune in now and don’t forget to subscribe!

Show Notes

03:22 The start of Hervé’s crypto journey

08:14 Why the general population avoids learning about Web3

11:58 Why many nations have a lack of faith in their country’s digital currencies

20:45 The adoption of cryptocurrencies by larger organisations, such as BlackRock

22:30 Bidding on ‘The First 5000 Days’ NFT artwork, which was acquired by Metakovan for $69M

32:15 What the metaverse is, and why it’s so important 

35:31 Is it possible for the next country to exist in the cloud?

40:36 Hervé’s personal reflections and predictions for Web3

43:33 What Hervé is working on at the moment

46:46 What people who bought NFTs should do

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