#275: Go From Stress to Strength in 2024! Improve your Life with Mary Cristine’s Expert Health Tips


Choosing to prioritise your health is a mental game above all else. Meet Mary Cristine – an Embodied Nutrition and Gut Specialist, a leading expert in holistic healing, and a well-known speaker at biohacking conferences. Drawing from her own experience overcoming significant trauma, Mary has assisted countless C-suite executives and high achievers in managing stress, achieving weight loss, and improving their gut health. Her guidance has empowered them to embrace healthier lifestyles, and she’s here today to inspire you to do the same. Join this eye-opening conversation as Mary shares her expertise, debunking health myths we all still believe, and she offers invaluable advice – from tailored nutrition strategies to mental health insights, to help you lead a more fulfilling life. Folks, if neglecting your health is your current reality, it’s time to get serious and change that for good. Take control, put a strategy together and kick-off your wellness journey now with Mary’s help. Tune in and secure your path to a stronger, healthier you!

Show Notes

05:05 – Mary’s journey into health and nutrition

16:59 – Mary’s opinion on smoking

18:20 – How the passing of Mary’s father affected her

19:51 – Struggles of being a young mom

20:50 – Mary’s eating disorder at a young age

23:20 – The moment Mary realised there was something wrong with conventional medication

24:38 – What helped Mary treat her son’s tics

27:28 – Why Mary’s main focus in corporate is mental health

31:12 – Accountability and discipline when it comes to health

34:38 – Where you can start your journey to become healthy

36:48 – Why generic meal plans are wrong

45:11 – The first thing someone needs to do when it comes to losing weight

45:55 – Alternatives to eating sugar for a kick of happiness

47:18 – How to use food the right way to destress

48:55 – Fruits that spike glucose levels and those that don’t

50:52 – Common health misconceptions

53:04 – Nutritious recipes or snacks for busy individuals to improve their diet

54:20 – Gut health and its connection with the thyroid

57:28 – Steps to follow to live a better life

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