#276: Why So Many Successful People Hide Their Mental Health Struggles with Renowned Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos


Why do so many successful people struggle with mental health challenges, yet remain tight-lipped? That’s a burning question and one we hope to shed light on with Dr Linda Papadopoulos, a globally renowned psychology expert boasting a 17-year-long career as a research scientist and practising psychologist. Over the past decade, Linda has become a familiar face on British TV, offering expert advice on popular channels such as CNN, Sky News, and BBC24. In this episode, we explore the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and the mental health hurdles they encounter. Linda discusses how to identify anxiety, tips for stress relief, and the role of different stakeholders in addressing mental health issues. She also sheds light on the intriguing link between money, well-being, and relationships, and how remote work and AI will impact us professionally. If you’re interested in psychology and the human mind, then grab a pen and paper because this episode is packed with valuable insights.

Show Notes

02:29 Linda introduces herself

05:24 Traits of successful entrepreneurs and mental health struggles

09:52 Who identifies your anxiety?

16:58 Money’s impact on life, relationships and mental health

21:50 Benefits of addressing stress

27:12 Qualities of a great leader

35:54 Discussion on identity

38:12 Benefits of remote work

42:09 Mindset challenges and tools for confidence

45:38 The impact of AI on employees

48:58 Learning and development tips for stress and negative self-talk

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