#277: The Secret Blueprint for Building Stronger Teams and Achieving Massive Success with Dr Radha Modgil


Dr Radha Modgil is not your average NHS Medical Doctor. She’s an unstoppable force in the world of wellness, a health and wellbeing expert, author, broadcaster and globally known for her game-changing advice on how ‘to do’ life well. During this conversation, we turn the spotlight on employers and the responsibility they hold to look after and foster their team’s wellbeing. Dr Radha shares the cold hard truth about working from home and gives her take on whether or not this shift is one we should be encouraging. She dives deep into the current challenges most leaders face and how they can instil a culture of gratitude and kindness at work to improve their team’s wellbeing. We also explore the complexities of how to ensure your team feels a sense of ‘belonging’ and purpose, and Dr Radha shares some remarkable insights on building strong relationships that last. This episode is packed with useful information and advice that will not only make you a better leader, but also an all-round better human. 

Show Notes

2:40 About Dr Radha

5:55 Is working from home healthy?

10:23 Challenges most leaders face

15:25 The power of gratitude and kindness at work

29:17 How enhanced employee wellness can help your business succeed

34:33 Fostering belonging in the workplace

36:34 Dr Radha’s most impactful 

39:09 Characteristics of a great leader

44:01 The importance of strong relationships at work

45:32 Tips for leaders to manage teams better

48:50 More about Dr Radha’s book, “Know Your Own Worth” 

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