#278: The Unheard Truth about Depression and How To Thrive with Top UK Mental Health Advocate


Strength doesn’t come from winning, but from a resilient mind that turns setbacks into comebacks. Meet Rachel Kelly – a keynote speaker, bestselling author and mental health advocate. She’s also one of the UK’s Top Mental Health Influencers and an official ambassador for multiple renowned mental health charities. From her experience of battling depression to overcoming the darkest mental health challenges, Rachel has built a thriving career through sharing her evidence-based mental health recovery strategies. In this episode, Rachel shares her journey with depression and the exact steps she took to recover and heal. She reveals the power of asking the right questions, explores the damaging effects of having a scarcity mindset, and shares her own coping mechanisms for navigating life’s highs and lows. Prepare for a deeply emotional conversation covering childhood trauma, the mind-body connection, and the transformative power of faith. If you or someone you know may be struggling with their mental health, please listen to this episode as it will give you the tools you need to overcome depression. 

Show Notes

3:15 Rachel’s experiences with depression

13:37 How depression was seen in the ’90s

19:31 How to sense if your loved ones are struggling

22:57 Questions people can ask themselves to check in on their mental health

29:21 Scarcity mindset

31:10 What Rachel would tell her younger self

32:35 Spencer’s story about relationships in his life

37:12 Struggle of childhood trauma

44:01 Connection between mind and body

51:53 The power of faith

54:29 Spencer’s experience with suicidal thoughts

59:18 How leaders should support their teams

1:04:09 Impact of food on anxiety and depression

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