#262: Tony Sales’s Remarkable Transformation from Britain’s Greatest Fraudster to Cybersecurity Advocate


From earning the infamous title of “Britain’s greatest fraudster” to emerging as a leading authority in the world of fraud prevention and cybersecurity, my latest guest’s incredible transformation will leave you in awe. Meet Tony Sales, a man who was destined for a life on the wrong side of the law. But, the turning point came during a prison sentence when Tony had a revelation. He realised he wanted to use his knowledge for good, to combat the very criminal activities he had once engaged in. Now, over a decade later, Tony is a trusted expert specialising in social engineering, fraud, and cybercrime. He advises governments, financial institutions, and global brands on security strategies, providing insights only a former criminal could offer. Tune in now and join me as Tony shares how he turned his life around and his valuable insights on the world of cybersecurity – offering a unique perspective on the evolving threats we all face in the digital age.

Show Notes

02:07 Tony Sales’ childhood and upbringing

04:09 Growing up without privilege

08:11 Acquiring high-value electronics through fraud

15:40 Trauma in criminal behaviour

22:26 Running from the law

28:11 Changing his career path after prison

31:02 The power of viral videos

34:09 Data and ransomware examples

38:30 Protecting voicemail from hackers

42:21 Society and scams

51:40 The protection of VPN

55:12 Crypto regulation and its impact

57:10 Manipulating bank statements

01:06:30 Trauma and rehabilitation in society

01:12:49 Human trafficking and foster care

01:16:58 Triggering past traumas

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