#261: Unseen Heroes: Inside the Battle Against a £500 Billion Industry


What if I told you that the dark world of human trafficking is worth a mind-boggling £500 billion? Join me in this episode as we journey through the incredible work of Andrew Wallis and Unseen, a charity on a 15-year mission to combat this global atrocity. However, Unseen isn’t your average charity – they’re the real-life superheroes fighting human trafficking head-on and even run a 24/7 anti-slavery helpline. Andrew takes us through his heart-breaking journey, from his initial encounter with trafficking to the launch of Unseen. We also chat about consumer power, how to spark a global movement, and what needs to change so survivors feel more empowered. In a world where darkness prevails, there’s a beacon of hope shining through with the work that Andrew and his charity does. Get ready for a harrowing conversation that peels back the layers of this horrific industry and acknowledges the unsung heroes fighting modern slavery. It’s time to raise our voices and take action because no one should ever be left unseen. Tune in now, and brace yourself for some jaw-dropping statistics…

Show Notes

01:45 Introduction to Unseen

14:44 Global human trafficking statistics

07:41 The exploitation of women

16:10 Definition of modern slavery

21:04 Organ harvesting across countries

28:32 Tackling systemic issues

36:57 Human trafficking legislations

49:01 How to solve the problem of human slavery

51:14 The importance of consumer awareness

54:37 The harsh reality of human trafficking

58:48 Empowering survivors and creating a movement

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