Ash Dykes

#260: Surviving the Unthinkable and Winning Three World-First Records: Ash Dykes’ Stories of Resilience


With three World-First Records under his belt, our guest today is not just an explorer, speaker, author and TV sensation, but also a living testament to human resilience. Ash Dykes, who hails from the peaceful town of Old Colwyn in North Wales, has turned his life into a fascinating story of discovery and travel. What’s fascinating about Ash is how he has turned discomfort into a life philosophy, with this being his key message to the world:  “The more uncomfortable you make yourself, the more comfortable you become”. Ash personifies the spirit of a modern adventurer, from his daring solo journeys through Mongolia, Madagascar, and the fearsome Yangtze River to his unrelenting search for adventure. Through Ash’s own words and experiences, you’ll grasp the psychology behind pushing your limits to the max and seeking the adrenaline that runs through an adventurer’s veins. Beside his thrilling adventures, we also chat about overcoming challenges, the effects of global warming and finding purpose. Trust me, folks, you do not want to miss out on this one! Step into a world of adventure and hit that play button now.

Show Notes

04:09 Finding his passion and purpose

08:01 Cycling through Cambodia and Vietnam

12:30 His first adventure

19:51 Overcoming challenges and embracing growth

22:03 Climbing in the Dolomites

25:44 Solo expedition in Mongolia

36:21 The effects of global warming

49:38 Dehydration and survival

52:04 The power of a resilient mentality and challenging fear

59:47 The psychology of pushing limits

01:13:33 Life’s journey and embracing scars

01:17:23 The adventure in Madagascar

01:29:22 The Yangtze River journey

01:33:12 Facing absolute isolation in Mongolia

01:36:44 Envy of childhood adventures

01:41:30 Young people exploring nature

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