#293: A Formula 1 Guide to High-Performing Teams with F1 Mechanic Marc Priestley


Achieving peak performance in your business is possible if you apply the Formula 1 Mindset. But don’t take it from me, folks. This week, I am joined by Marc Priestley, who brings more than a decade of experience with the World Championship-winning McLaren pit crew. Today Marc is a successful speaker, broadcaster, and author, co-presenting the widely acclaimed Wheeler Dealers television show. He is also an expert commentator on Formula 1, Formula E, and the wider motorsport industry. In this episode, Marc shares his unique perspective on the concept of an elite performance mindset, stories from the pitlane, leadership lessons, overcoming challenges, and achieving ambitious goals. If you’re serious about boosting your team’s performance, then don’t miss this epic discussion. Just like in racing, small changes can result in significant gains, so tune in now and switch gears on your team’s performance!

Check out Marc’s first interview on Unscripted With Spencer Lodge, here: https://www.spencerlodge.tv/169-verstappen-vs-hamilton-grand-prix-championship-controversy-explained-with-f1-mechanic-marc-priestley/

Show Notes

06:29 Marc and Spencer’s relationship

08:40 Marc’s career path at McLaren

10:51 What happened when Marc left Formula 1

13:50 Marc’s role at Wheeler Dealers

16:53 Lessons for leadership from an F1 team perspective

22:02 Maintaining motivation in a high-performing team

25:14 Great leaders throughout Marc’s career

30:20 Leading by example

37:55 Human performance strategies in business

42:57 Creating a sense of mission and purpose

49:36 Marc’s motivational talks

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