#292: A Business Psychologist’s Guide to Leadership, Trust and People Management


Exceptional leaders create a nurturing work environment that prioritises well-being and trust, without compromising on productivity. With over two decades of experience in human resources, Ghenwa Habbal understands this concept, and offers her insights from the unique perspective of a business psychologist. In her role as Regional Talent Management Lead at Ford Middle East & Africa, Ghenwa has dedicated her career to crafting and executing strategies that attract, empower, and retain top talent. In this episode, Ghenwa shares her thoughts on the value of work experience, effective communication strategies for leaders, the huge costs associated with employee resignations, and the crucial role of responsibility in leadership. With her no-holds-barred approach, Ghenwa cuts right to the chase when it comes to navigating the complexities of leadership. Get ready as we dive into this fascinating discussion!

Show Notes

2:11 Working from a young age

6:11 The importance of working vs studying

10:02 Training effective leaders

12:53 Investing in people’s development

17:06 Putting diversity and Inclusion into action

24:05 The outdated concept of female empowerment

30:10 Ghenwa’s take on where leadership has gone wrong

34:30 Are we entitled to feel offended?

37:40 A perspective on good leadership

44:00 Effective communication

47:44 Legal agreements and how they change

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