#291: The Middle East’s #1 HR Leader Reveals The Secrets Behind Her Award-Winning Practices


To measure a company’s potential, simply ask its employees if they enjoy coming to work every day. Someone who follows this ethos is Emma Davies, a distinguished HR leader with over 25 years of experience driving cultural change and fostering people-centric organisations. Her exceptional people skills drove transformation in multibillion-dollar companies, earning her a 97% employee satisfaction rate and the title of HR Leader of the Year for the Middle East. She’s also the visionary founder of the Evolved People Network, a platform dedicated to advancing professional development in the GCC region. Join us as we tap into Emma’s extensive experience, the rising culture of quiet quitting, thoughts on the four-day workweek, and the high cost of employee turnover. From employee happiness secrets to effective coaching techniques, Emma doesn’t gatekeep anything when it comes to fostering a healthy workplace. Trust me, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss. So, grab a pen and get ready to take notes!

Show Notes

3:24 Introduction to Emma and her work

5:43 The connection between leadership and HR

6:40 The perception of HR across the UK, USA, and UAE

11:37 The cost of replacing employees

14:58 Emma’s secret to a happy workforce

26:00 Quiet quitting culture

27:56 Ball-setting interview strategy

34:01 The importance of workplace culture

35:13 Emma’s take on medical insurance in organisations

39:28 The emphasis on team building

41:01 Financial education as an employer’s obligation

44:48 The four-day workweek

47:59 Emma’s top coaching strategies for employee satisfaction

49:13 Three poor behaviours in the workplace

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