#290: Inside the Mind of Khalid Al Ameri, the Emirati Content Creator with Over 15 Million Followers!


If you think your favourite social media influencers are living their dream, think again. What you see is just a fraction of their reality. Join me as I sit down with one of Dubai’s most famous content creators, Khalid Al Ameri. From making lighthearted and humorous videos for the past seven years, he has garnered a massive fan base of over 15 million followers. On top of being a comedic genius, he’s a genuinely kind soul who has become known for spreading positivity and awareness through his selfless acts. In this fascinating episode, Khalid lifts the lid on his content creation process, his approach to brand collaborations, and the secret to maintaining a positive mindset. Folks, we’re about to peel back the layers to reveal the man behind the memes, who makes a shocking revelation about artists often being taken advantage of in the business world. So, get ready for this exclusive conversation that promises laughter, inspiration, and a rare glimpse into the emotional core of Khalid Al Ameri – tune in now!

Show Notes

3:00 Khalid’s thoughts on content creation

8:42 The distinction between an artist and an entrepreneur 

11:32 The secret source of Khalid’s content ideas 

14:36 Khalid’s content creation process

17:31 Balancing branded promotional content and unpaid content 

20:36 Assessing paid opportunities from brands

28:21 Khalid’s routine and mindset  

32:10 The impact that the UAE has on People of Determination

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