#289: The Ultimate Guide to Employee Well-being With Hilton’s HR Leader Marie-Louise Ek


As the Vice President of Human Resources Middle East, Africa & Turkey at Hilton, she’s driving the company’s award-winning people and culture strategy, overseeing 30,000+ team members across 180 regional hotels. Meet Marie-Louise Ek, a dynamic leader with an impressive track record of over 23 years. With her groundbreaking initiatives at Sandvik and influential leadership roles at APM Terminals, Bridgestone, Coty, and PepsiCo, she has successfully driven team building, fostered positive employee experiences, and led massive organisational transformations. More than a VP, she’s a certified executive coach and a passionate advocate for agility, technology, and well-being. In this episode, Marie-Louise shares Hilton’s employee wellness initiatives, talent attraction strategies, employee engagement tips, and ways to navigate workplace challenges. Marie-Louise doesn’t gatekeep her secrets, so tune-in, grab your notepad and get the inside scoop on creating a thriving workplace culture. 

Show Notes

3:34 Why Marie-Louise chose to study Human Resources

4:25 How HR has evolved over the years

6:20 The employee wellness evolution

7:50 The key aspects of wellness that Hilton focuses on

12:21 Measures Hilton has adopted for their employees’ wellness

17:11 Educating employees on preventing health challenges

20:13 How SMEs can have more engaged employees

26:36 Marie-Louise’s views on working from home and flexible work

30:55 Differences in medical insurance in the corporate world

33:47 Investing time in mentoring employees

36:06 Secrets for attracting the right talent 

43:46 How wellness is perceived in the West

47:22 4 things employers need for employee well-being

48:28 Tips by Marie-Louise to deal with an emotionally charged situation

50:50 How AI is making a difference in HR

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