#288: The Secret to a Long, Happy Marriage: Saif Al-Yasi’s Exclusive Proven Tips!


In the face of rising global divorce rates, this week’s guest on Unscripted With Spencer Lodge challenges conventional beliefs about why marriages fail, arguing that it’s men who have a bigger role to play than women. Saif Al-Yasi, a highly esteemed fitness and personal trainer in Dubai comes armed with a medical background in biology and biotechnology, an MBA, and a Master’s Degree in bodybuilding and nutrition. This conversation is a departure from the usual health and fitness chat, and instead Saif delves into the intricacies of relationships. In this episode, Saif talks about his relationship with his wife, the need for men to reclaim their strength, the toxic rhetoric taught by Andrew Tate and how you can enjoy a long and healthy marriage. Tune in for a fascinating chat packed with actionable advice and interesting insights. 

Show Notes

2:38 An introduction to Saif 

5:15 Growing up in Baghdad, Iraq 

12:04 Saif’s education and qualifications  

15:16 Lessons from his first marriage

22:31 Arab and Western men in relationships and marriages  

26:10 The evolution of men’s and women’s roles  

28:56 Understanding ‘growth’ for men  

32:13 Saif’s opinion on Andrew Tate   

39:40 Marrying your best friend  

43:03 Real reasons for divorces  

49:53 Triggers for maintaining physical fitness  

54:48 Advice for self-improvement  

59:04 Decoding the cannibal diet

1:02:08 Saif’s experience of abstaining from sugar for 10 years

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