#287: Leadership Insights from an 11-Year-Old with Dyslexia


This week, my youngest ever guest is in the hot seat! If you’ve ever wondered what leadership looks like through the eyes of a child, then get ready for some pretty epic leadership insights from an 11-year-old. Meet Finley Suchley, the son of my business partner, Danielle, and the Head Boy of Kings’ School, Dubai. In this episode, Finley takes the mic to share the remarkable wisdom he has learnt so far, including candid examples of good and bad leadership, the differences between Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, and why he feels lucky to have Dyslexia. Yes, you read that right! Finley’s perspective and enthusiasm towards leadership and life are world-class and many adults could learn a thing or two from him. So, folks, get ready to take inspiration from Finley’s ambitions to grow and develop as a leader. Don’t miss out on this brilliant conversation – hit ‘play’ now!

Show Notes

3:17 Spencer and Finley’s relationship

3:59 An introduction to Finley

4:30 Examples of great leadership

5:38 Responsibilities as the Head Boy 

6:38 An example of poor leadership

8:54 Why leadership matters to Finley

9:40 The difference between Dyslexia and Dyspraxia 

13:57 Why Richard Branson is a great leader

16:07 Finley’s mum and dad as leaders 

19:04 Winning awards in sporting activities

21:00 Finley’s favourite teacher at school

24:45 Finley’s ambitions for becoming a great leader

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