#294: Inside Shayoon’s Science-Based Approach to Trauma Recovery


Healing, chakras, meditation, emotional mapping – these topics may seem a bit ‘out there’ for many, but my guest on today’s show just might change your mind. Meet Shayoon: healer, fashion influencer, model, author, and founder of The Lightforce Center. After surviving a catastrophic car accident, Shayoon was told she would live with chronic pain and be unable to have children. However, a serendipitous encounter with the man who would become her husband opened her eyes to the transformative power of healing modalities. Today, Shayoon is pain-free, a mother, and a powerhouse of resilience. In this episode, Shayoon shares her unique wisdom on healing trauma and emotional mapping, and discusses why many people resist the healing process. She also recounts the time her son was nearly kidnapped, a story that will make your heart drop. This experience turned her into a fierce advocate against child sex trafficking. Whether you’re curious about healing trauma or captivated by Shayoon’s story, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss. Tune in now and prepare to be inspired!

Show Notes

03:02 Shayoon’s healing journey

11:58 The concept of ‘emotional mapping’

22:41 The role of gratitude for healing and release

29:57 Resistance in the healing process

31:00 The Lightforce Center case study

36:00 Eliminating greed and ego through healing

40:09 Learning to focus on positivity rather than negativity

55:20 The near-kidnapping of Shayoon’s son

01:11:03 Sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace

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