#169: Verstappen Vs Hamilton Grand Prix Championship Controversy Explained With F1 Mechanic Marc Priestley


Today I am joined by former F1 Pit Crew member and Wheeler Dealers co-host Marc Priestley. He joins the show to discuss the dramatic and controversial finish to the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, after Max Verstappen was crowned the world champion after beating Lewis Hamilton in the final lap.

We cover his F1 career, his move into broadcast journalism, what happened during the 2021 season finale, and what it means for the future of the sport.

Show Notes

Marc discusses his Formula One career journey. [1:48]

Working as an F1 Engineer in the high-tension world of Formula One racing is detailed. [3:38]

The reasons behind his career change is discussed. [5:56]

Marc reflects on how he broke into television and his current career. [9:12]

Spencer and Marc discuss the recent events and controversies at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Championship with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. [18:15]

Future seasons of F1 are reflected on. [37:01]

The reasons Marc wouldn’t go back to F1 if given the chance is explained. [38:28]

Marc discusses his weekly Youtube Live shows, his podcast and how to follow him. [43:37]

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