#168: The Secret To Building An Authentic Personal Brand With Sandy Grigsby


In this episode, Sandy Grigsby joins the show to discuss the steps for developing an authentic personal brand. A personal brand image expert, high performance coach, confidence catalyst, entrepreneur and TEDX speaker, Sandy helps her clients launch their personal brands in a way that allows their true selves to be seen.

Sandy shares her process for uncovering your authentic brand, how to incorporate your brand into everyday life, and the importance it plays when connecting with others.

Show Notes

Sandy introduces herself to the listeners by discussing what she does. [3:16]

Sandy discusses how people should present themselves and their ‘cool factor’ authentically. [7:11]

The process Sandy goes through when working with new clients is explained. [12:32]

Sandy coaches Spencer on learning, developing, and living with his personal brand. [17:03]

The role your subconscious plays in motivation is touched on. [33:20]

Sandy explains her step-by-step process for helping people. [36:18]

Spencer invites Sandy to share her first impression of him. [46:56]

Taking the first step towards authenticity is discussed. [48:54]

How to get in contact with Sandy is given. [ 50:09]

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