#167: How To Increase Visibility On LinkedIn & Build Credibility With Ahmad Imam


Today I am joined by Ahmad Imam, a LinkedIn Expert who teaches the value of using LinkedIn for personal branding and building your authority. He helps industry experts create impactful content that increases their reach, visibility, and engagement on LinkedIn. With over 1 million LinkedIn followers himself, and as host of LinkedIn’s first-ever TV show, he has grown his own profile using his tried-and-tested strategies, and he helps his clients do the same. He joins me today to share his methods for LinkedIn success so you can build credibility on the platform, too.

Show Notes

Ahmad introduces himself to the listeners. [1:44]

Ahmad’s first videos on LinkedIn are discussed. [6:57]

The formula for success on LinkedIn is explained. [11:49]

Advice for individuals who want to grow their LinkedIn account is detailed. [20:16]

Reasons certain posts perform badly on LinkedIn is explained. [23:35]

Making money and building a personal brand on LinkedIn is discussed. [27:46]

Ahmad explains how he uses LinkedIn. [35:02]

Ahmad tells listeners how he makes money as a social media consultant. [40:32]

Ahmad explains the X factor for being an influencer. [47:11]

The steps to becoming an influencer as a client of Ahmad’s is explained. [49:54]

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