#166: How To Become A Super Connector & Transform Your Life With Ken Rutkowski


Today I am joined by Ken Rutkowski, a well-known Business Talk Radio Personality and the first person to ever create a podcast. Ken Rutkowski is also a business leader, entrepreneur, and influencer with one superpower: Perfect precision for knowing how and when to connect entrepreneurs, governments, and founders all over the world.

In his lifetime, Ken has interviewed over 20,000 people, and in 1996, he invented the very first automatic downloading interview show over the internet – known today as the podcast. He joins me today to speak about the power of connection, building a community, and the lessons about relationship-building he has learned throughout his career.

Show Notes

Ken discusses being the first ever person to do a ‘stream’. [1:12]

Things over the last 5 years that shocked Ken are detailed. [5:17]

The benefits of podcasting are given. [8:02]

Lessons that Ken has learned about high-performing people in his career are touched on. [10:48]

Ken discusses the uniqueness of every person. [13:58]

Being a master connector and what that means is explained. [18:11]

The connections that changed Ken’s life are explained. [22:53]

Creating a community where members can be vulnerable is discussed. [27:52]

Characteristics of the men in Ken’s community is touched on. [34:35]

Ken explains why he believes American’s lack the ability to connect globally. [39:50]

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