#282: Must Watch! Exclusive Uncensored Confessions from London Real’s Brian Rose


He’s one of the most outspoken people of our time, and after being deplatformed on YouTube for publishing a controversial interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke, Brian Rose refuses to be silenced. A former Wall Street banker-turned-podcast host, Brian is the Founder and Host of London Real which has broadcasted over 1,000 long-form conversations, garnering over a billion views. He is on a mission to empower the masses to counter the numbing effects of mainstream media, and in this episode, you’ll get a glimpse not only of Brian’s entrepreneurial flair but also of the raw, humble side of the gentleman behind the mic. Midway through our conversation, Brian opens up about his emotional experience running for the Mayor of London, and how he felt like a failure when he wasn’t elected. Tune in to hear more about Brian’s journey, the remarkable guests he’s interviewed, and his intriguing perspectives on crypto. Don’t let this chance slip by — this is your opportunity to uncover Brian Rose’s uncensored truth.

Show Notes

2:37 Brian’s impression of Dubai

7:08 Brian’s journey

12:49 Working on London Real

17:22 Was Brian’s success accidental, naive, or strategically planned out?

22:16 Guests on London Real who have impacted Brian’s life

29:10 Impact of Dan Peña on Brian

36:03 Brian’s campaign in London

38:50 Experience of running for Mayor of London

47:00 Getting deplatformed on YouTube

1:01:11 How Brian evolved into the crypto world

1:05:00 How Brian earns money

1:06:30 Final reflections between Spencer and Brian

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