#281: Is Bitcoin Going To Be Mainstream By 2024?


Imagine investing $1 in Bitcoin in 2013 and watching it skyrocket from mere cents to tens of thousands a few years later! That’s exactly what happened to Davinci Jeremie — the guy who, in a YouTube video back in May 2013, urged viewers to invest a single dollar in Bitcoin when it was trading around $100. That video later went viral, amassing over 4.4 million views. Fast forward to today, Davinci is back for his third appearance on Unscripted With Spencer Lodge after his first two episodes were a big HIT! As the CEO of Davinci Codes and Founder of Pandora’s Wallet, he stands as the ultimate authority on all things crypto. In this episode, we explore the mainstream status of BTC, the intricacies of Bitcoin halving, the future of cryptocurrencies, Web3, investing tips and much more. Folks, if you missed his first two episodes, don’t make the same mistake again – grab your notepad and hit play now. It’s time to learn from the best.

Listen to my previous two interviews with Davinci here:


Show Notes

4:25 Has Bitcoin truly become mainstream?

6:00 Institutional vs. retail: Forecasting the percentage split in Bitcoin holdings

11:55 Exploring the future landscape of cryptocurrencies

15:02 Navigating the intricacies of Bitcoin halving

20:29 The Bitcoin halving dilemma: Is patience a rewarding virtue?

22:11 The potential impact of Donald Trump on the crypto market

25:49 Solutions to Argentina’s financial challenges

28:23 Is now the right time to invest in UAE properties?

31:38 Decoding behavioural investing trends

32:29 Is Dubai the ultimate crypto hub?

34:42 Breaking down Web3 in layman’s terms

37:18 A closer look at gambling in the digital space

39:41 Oracles in the digital realm

41:44 Investing tips for the next 5 years for buy-and-hold investors

45:14 The key to choosing a reliable crypto exchange

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