#280: From Near-Death to Global Impact: How Sarah Brook is Challenging Skin Colour Inequalities in Africa


Dedicating one’s life to fighting for a cause is something many dream of, but few have the courage to do. Meet Sarah Brook, the woman who had a near-death experience at the age of 18, reshaping her life’s purpose. Following an eye-opening incident during a private hospital visit in Malawi after falling ill, Sarah realised she received priority treatment over 300 other patients solely because of her race. This experience profoundly impacted her, leading her to dedicate her life to driving positive change and making a sustainable impact on the world. As the CEO and founder of The Sparkle Foundation, an NGO registered in the UK, Africa, and the Middle East, Sarah works tirelessly to create small-scale sustainable projects in Malawi, providing education, medical care, and nutrition to hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children. Recognised as one of the top CEOs in the UK Charity Sector, Sarah’s story and perspectives will inspire you, reminding us that even the smallest actions can ignite profound change. Tune in now to hear her journey!

Show Notes

2:42 Embarking on her world-travel journey

4:40 Skin colour inequality in Africa’s private hospitals

6:33 Working alongside Elon Musk

6:50 The incident that crystalised her life’s purpose

8:49 Unpacking the significance of her mission

11:32 Establishing a UK-based charity

13:14 How her foundation makes an impact

15:19 Addressing the common fears surrounding charity

19:18 Empowering her team by highlighting the value of their work

22:10 Recognising the importance of soft skills in the CVs she reviews

23:30 The universal impact of charity contributions

28:12 Navigating misunderstandings in Malawi

32:30 Important life advice

34:08 Sarah’s superpower and mission

34:55 Heartwarming experiences from her nonprofit 

36:05 Overcoming unexpected challenges

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