#283: Inside the Mind of Talabat’s CEO: Tomaso Rodriguez’s Unconventional Leadership Secrets


Leadership is not about your title; it’s about inspiring, guiding, and empowering others to achieve their full potential, and Tomaso Rodriguez is a prime example of this philosophy. He is the CEO of Talabat, the UAE’s fastest-growing food delivery platform, boasting 5,000+ employees and 80,000 riders. However, unlike most CEOs, Tomaso is not one to stay confined to his desk; his approach to leadership involves going the extra mile to ensure his team is well looked after. He made headlines last year for stepping into the shoes of his delivery riders and experiencing their challenges firsthand. But he didn’t stop there — he listened, learned and took action. As a young tech guy and dynamic leader, his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit is truly remarkable. Join us for an insightful conversation where Tomaso delves into the leadership challenges he faces on a daily basis, how he fosters a culture of belonging, the key to navigating diverse regions and nationalities, and the untold realities of being a CEO. If you’re serious about becoming a better leader, don’t miss this epic discussion — tune in now to level up your leadership game!


Listen to my previous interview with Tomaso on ‘Coronavirus Impact & Supporting Businesses’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmF4nu5x4nw

Show Notes

3:40 Why Tomaso became a Talabat rider for a day

9:33 Food preferences in different places

11:25 Challenges he faces in his role

14:00 Comparing Talabat now and before

15:20 Talabat’s work-from-office policy

17:45 Retaining employees

18:45 Tomaso’s real-life example of a ‘Great’ leader

20:40 Fostering a culture of belonging

26:20 How Talabat takes care of their employees

31:56 Working with employees from different nationalities

37:45 Working in a leadership role in Asia

39:50 Challenges of being a CEO and a highly recommended book for anyone who wants to be a CEO

41:33 Coping with stress

45:25 Should organisations invest in leadership coaching?

48:17 Practices Talabat adopted for their riders’ welfare

53:30 Riders getting tipped

55:05 Should companies track the productivity of remote employees through tools?

1:01:00 Decision-making in the company

1:03:55 How long should an organisation’s meetings last?

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