#251: UK Exclusive: Behind The Scenes with Netflix Star, Raphael Rowe, Host of Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons


It’s finally here, folks: The Spencer Lodge Podcast goes to the United Kingdom! Kickstarting this exclusive series is a fascinating interview with none other than Netflix documentary sensation, Raphael Rowe – the host of the award-winning documentary, Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons. From Prisoner to Presenter, Raphael Rowe shares his heart-wrenching story and goes into the gruesome details of his 12-years behind bars, after being convicted for a murder he did not commit. Throughout this episode, Raphael talks about the prison system, why certain people end up in prison, and why prisoners need more compassion. Raphael also takes us through the most traumatic time of his life, sharing the impact his time in prison had on him and his family, how he recovered his life after being released, and how he became a Netflix documentary star. Tune in to listen to Raphael’s story, learn more about his foundation and discover what really goes on in the world’s toughest prisons.

Show Notes

03:15 Reliving Raphael’s trauma

05:30 Does poverty lead to criminality?

06:30 Why people end up in prison

08:00 Types of prisoners

09:35 About Raphael

18:50 The campaign Raphael’s release

25:05 The impact it had on his family

35:55 Life after prison

49:00 Why prisoners need compassion

52:00 About Raphael’s Netflix show, Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons

01:03:05 About the Raphael Rowe Foundation

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