#250: Visionary Entrepreneur Matthias Mende on Blockchain, Gamification and Customer Engagement


There are no apt words to describe Matthias Mende, except that he’s simply one-of-a-kind. Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Innovator – Matthias lives in the future and in this episode, we sit down to discuss the world as it is today and what tactics businesses can employ to foster customer loyalty, engagement and positive word of mouth. With Web3 slowly, but surely changing the game for how organisations operate, Matthias and his soon-to-launch blockchain startup, Bonuz, are bridging the gap between consumers and brands through gamification and couponing. Throughout this episode, we touch on the challenges of starting a business, the remarkable mindset of the Rulers of the UAE, current social movements and the risk of too much ‘wokeness’ in society. If you want to learn more from a free-thinking entrepreneur who is redefining how brands and customers interact with one another, then hit the play button and let’s jump straight in!

Show Notes

03:31 About Matthias

14:30 Starting a social media agency

20:30 Dubai’s ‘Can Do!’ mindset

24:55 Current social movements

32:45 Is ‘wokeness’ causing further divide?

46:45 About Bonuz Market

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