#234: Demystifying Crypto, Gaming & The Web3 Movement with Jamil Abu-Wardeh


Joining me on the show this week is someone whose understanding of cryptocurrencies, gaming, and the Web3 movement is seriously impressive. More than that, his ability to break down complex concepts into simple language makes the world of crypto so much easier for us all to understand. Jamil Abu-Wardeh is the founder of METKAF, a consultancy that helps people launch their crypto, NFT & blockchain projects and strategies. We discuss everything from how to invest safely in cryptocurrencies to understanding which coins to buy, and how gaming in the metaverse works. Jamil’s insights on these topics will change the way you see the world of Web3 as it continues to grow and evolve. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just curious about the space, this episode is packed with practical tips and insights that will help you navigate the intersection of crypto, gaming, and the metaverse. A special thank you to Emirates Literature Festival for facilitating this interview.

Show Notes

03:49 About Jamil

08:39 Safely investing your money in crypto

17:50 Understanding which coins to buy

24:00 Gaming in the Metaverse

30:31 About Jamil’s business

32:28 Investing in crypto today

37:59 Jamil’s opinion on the Sam Bankman-Fried scandal

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