#235: How To Create Habits That Stick To Live An Inspired Life With Dr Rangan Chatterjee


The power of habit-building can’t be argued – and today’s guest is here to open your eyes to how healthy habits can change your life! Introducing the one and only Dr Rangan Chatterjee – a highly respected medical doctor, BBC TV and radio presenter, best-selling author, and host of the hugely successful podcast “Feel Better, Live More.” In this episode, we explore the power of positive feedback, how to overcome the challenges that stop you from building new habits, how to stick to healthy habits, and the hard-hitting truth about who is responsible for most of our stress… So, grab yourself a cup of tea, take a seat, and get ready to listen and learn so that you can make the necessary changes to lead an inspired life.

And if you missed my first conversation with Dr Chatterjee last year, then tune into episode #190 to learn how you can improve your daily routines to help you lead a more epic and successful life.

Show Notes

03:46 The power of positive feedback

16:40 Can kindness cure loneliness?

23:33 Challenges when forming new habits

28:54 Dr Chatterjee’s advice on sticking to habits

36:19 How much of our stress is self-generated

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