#233: Behind the Bestsellers: An Intimate Chat with Master Storyteller Jeffrey Archer


Step into the world of one of the most renowned storytellers of our time – Jeffrey Archer. With over 275 million copies of his books sold globally during his 40-year writing career, Jeffrey’s exceptional storytelling skills have captured the minds of readers worldwide. It was a pleasure to interview the English novelist and former politician at the prestigious Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai, where he shares his creative process, insider tips on writing page-turners, and the secrets behind his literary success. Tune in now for a fun and unexpected conversation with a man who is widely regarded as the greatest storyteller of our age.

Show Notes

03:00 Jeffrey’s creative process

04:45 How society’s book-reading habits have changed

08:02 Is storytelling innate?

09:12 Writing his first book

10:44 Identifying stories that are worth sharing

14:42 Where Jeffrey draws inspiration from

21:19 Who Jeffrey compares himself to

24:55 Jeffrey’s greatest critics

28:58 Working with Margaret Thatcher

32:11 The Ukraine war

39:10 Jeffrey’s opinions on football

44:40 Jeffrey’s opinions on Rishi Sunak

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