#230: The Silent Struggle: Men’s Mental Health Coach Reveals the Hidden Pain Men Endure


Men’s mental health is a growing concern, with most men struggling in silence. In this episode, I sit down with the remarkable men’s mental health coach, Elise Micheals. As a trained coach in trauma therapy, relationship science, and REBT, Elise knows firsthand the importance of supporting men and breaking the stigma around men’s mental health. Her life’s work is to help men overcome their mental health struggles, and after diving into her content for a few months, I felt like she truly understood the experiences of myself and countless other men. Join us as she explains the significance of healing childhood trauma to improve one’s mental health in adulthood. We also chat about the lack of mental health support for men, the reasons behind suicide, and societal factors contributing to this problem. This episode is a must-listen for everyone so we can better understand what mental health challenges men around us are facing and how we can support them.

Show Notes

03:30 Elise’s path to men’s mental health coaching

04:42 The stigma attached to mental health challenges with men

13:12 Speaking up about depression

16:05 Divorce and relationships

21:25 Gratitude

24:22 The importance of intimacy in relationships

27:23 Men’s suicide drivers & Spencer’s mental health journey

48:11 How to work with Elise

51:14 Subconsciousness of the brain

53:53 More on Elise’s podcast & social media growth

01:00:42 Elise’s definition of success & happiness

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