#229: Overcoming Adversity: Dr Sabrina Kay’s Incredible Story of Escaping South Korea and Building a Billion-Dollar Empire in America


Imagine growing up under South Korea’s oppressive regime. You must do as you’re told, look and act a certain way, and from age 13 you start military training. But then, at 18, you have the opportunity to escape and move to the USA – without any money or English skills. This was the beginning of Dr Sabrina Kay’s story of becoming a serial entrepreneur, investor, and board member. After years of hard work and dedication, her first business sold for $25 million, and after using that money to build several other businesses, she sold them for a staggering $3 billion! Join us this week on The Spencer Lodge Podcast to listen to Dr. Sabrina Kay’s story as she, for the first time ever, shares her story publicly. Tune in now and learn the power of resilience, patience, hard work, and dedication from this incredible woman!

Show Notes

00:03:47 Growing up in South Korea

00:06:03 The intention behind the government’s strict rules

00:09:19 Sabrina’s upbringing

00:13:13 Sabrina’s support system

00:16:30 Sabrina’s experiences with mental illness

00:25:00 Moving to the USA

00:31:00 Life in America

00:37:37 Becoming a mother

00:41:41 Starting Fremont College

00:54:49 Life after selling her business

01:03:38 Sabrina’s definition of success

01:04:04 America’s education system

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