#231: The Secret To A Fulfilling Spiritual Journey With Master Sri Akarshana


Don’t be fooled by the title of this episode – this isn’t your usual woo-woo spirituality chat. That’s because I am speaking to Master Sri Akarshana, also known as the Yogi with a Lamborghini, whose wisdom has inspired more than 35 million people across the globe. From being a hugely successful entrepreneur who became financially free at just 25 years old, Master Sri ditched the supercars, yachts, and luxury mansions and discovered his passion for helping others. His love for creating change led him to set up a charity, helping orphaned children live healthy, happy, and sustainable lives. As a disciple of the Himalayan Spiritual Master Grandmaster Akshar, he shares his thoughts on topics such as the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and practical ways to enhance one’s spiritual journey. This episode offers loads of knowledge and insights that will be valuable to anyone seeking to begin or enhance their spiritual journey.

Show Notes

01:30 What has impacted Master Sri the most

13:11 Five-step spiritual practice

23:28 Spirituality & Religion

29:27 Master Sri’s background and transformation

42:53 Encounter with a Kenyan orphanage

52:29 Difference between the law of attraction & manifestation

53:53 What it means to be religious or spiritual

54:23 Master Sri’s definition of happiness

55:50 Why he has no fear

1:00:01 Practical manifestation steps

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