#223: Unlock The Secrets Of Understanding And Treating Mental Illness With Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Mark Goulston


What’s one thing you wish your loved ones knew about mental health? This is a profound question that truly spotlights how society has misunderstood mental illness. Renowned psychiatrist and coach, Dr. Mark Goulston, joins me on the show to discuss the powerful concept of “Surgical Empathy” and how it can change the way we understand and treat mental illness. In this eye-opening conversation, Dr. Goulston shares his personal journey as a psychiatrist and how society’s understanding of depression has evolved over time. We also discuss the impact of parents not understanding their children and how it can lead to suicidal thoughts, as well as tactics for having meaningful conversations with your children. Tune in now to learn the four prompts that can help you dig deep and get your children to open up to you.

Show Notes

04:22 Mark explains “Surgical Empathy”
10:05 More about “The Big Issue” and how it helps homeless people
11:12 Mark’s career as a psychiatrist
12:42 Has society defined depression over the years
14:00 The difference between bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 disorder
17:13 Spencer’s personal mental health journey
23:35 How Mark listens to peoples’ minds
25:05 Mark shares the moment he knew that he would become a psychiatrist
29:34 Mark reflects on an example of listening into peoples’ eyes
34:23 How to listen into peoples’ souls
38:06 How children become suicidal
49:00 The film “What I Wish My Parents Knew” and why Mark is excited about its release
55:24 How to have heart-to-heart conversations with your children
59:05 The four prompts to dig deep and get your children to open up to you

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