#219: The Future Of Personal Aviation With The Inventor Of The Flying Car


In this episode, I am chatting with serial inventor, pilot, and rocket scientist: Dezso Molnar. Dezso invented the flying car – the Gyrocycle – and we discuss the potential for the flying car to revolutionise transportation and the exciting possibilities it holds for the future. Dezso also shares his journey as an inventor and the struggles he’s faced along the way. He dives into his passion for aviation and the influential figures who have inspired him in his career. Tune in to hear Dezso’s story and learn about the future of the flying car.

Show Notes

00:02:53 Who is Dezso?

00:04:08 Dezso’s fitness journey

00:07:59 Dezso’s first bicycle

00:11:05 Dezso’s relationship with his parents

00:24:58 How Dezso’s passion for aviation grew

00:38:00 Dezso’s first invention

00:39:19 Dezso’s current project

00:47:11 The struggles of an inventor

00:50:20 People that inspire Dezso

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