#220: Ultimate Advice for Investors And Entrepreneurs From A Mega-VC


Randall Kaplan has invested in more than 60 tech companies and is the co-founder of several others – including a company that is part of the S&P 500 with nearly 8,000 employees. If there’s anyone who is well-equipped to talk about entrepreneurship, investing and business – it’s Randall. As one of America’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, Randall joins the show to share his must-listen-to tips on entrepreneurship, defining and achieving success, and what he looks for when he invests in other startups. This episode is loaded with advice you can’t find anywhere else from someone who has walked the walk himself.

Show Notes

00:02:47 Homelessness in LA

00:10:26 Randall’s definition of success

00:14:01 Philanthropical efforts

00:21:45 Randall’s career journey

00:27:20 Randall’s key to success

00:30:11 The definition of entrepreneurship

00:37:48 Randall’s failures

00:41:54 Randall’s lessons on success

00:45:06 How Randall assesses startups

00:51:01 Raising money for your startup

00:54:41 Randall’s thoughts on Web3

01:05:04 Randall’s entrepreneurial ventures

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