#218: Why Authenticity Is The Key To Success With World-Renowned Fitness Trainer Tony Horton


If you’ve ever done a Beachbody workout in your living room then you’ll know this week’s guest on the show. He is the Godfather of personal training and the OG of at-home workouts: Tony Horton. Continuing our exclusive series in Los Angeles, Tony joins the show to share his phenomenal claim to fame as one of the world’s most popular personal trainers. In this episode, we ponder over a big question: Has society become weak? Tony also shares his early career struggles, his approach to personal training, his road to success and why happiness is his number one priority in life.

Show Notes

00:47 America’s obesity epidemic

06:58 Why does society shame people who work out?

12:28 The importance of happiness

15:35 Tony’s approach to personal training

19:22 Adapting to rapid changes in society

24:38 The price of honesty

30:25 Is sarcasm good or bad?

34:00 Tony’s secrets for success

41:02 What it takes to be a successful personal trainer

43:06 Tony’s experiences with infomercials

49:55 Tony’s early career steps

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