#217: Addiction Recovery And Finding Hope In Your Darkest Days


The Spencer Lodge Podcast takes Hollywood! For the first time ever, we’re bringing the show to America to interview the world’s most prolific thinkers and doers. Joining the show to kick off this exclusive series is Darren Prince – Sports & Celebrity Agent and an advocate for addiction and mental health recovery. Darren represents icons like Magic Johnson, Charlie Sheen, Hulk Hogan, Carmen Electra, and many others. But, behind his mega success, is a tragic story of childhood bullying, severe feelings of loneliness, substance abuse and an addiction problem. In this honest and revealing conversation, Darren shares how he overcame the most challenging times of his life and found his purpose through this struggle.

Show Notes

02:20 Darren’s experiences with childhood bullying

06:10 Darren’s first experiences with narcotics

14:07 How success impacted Darren’s use of narcotics and behaviour

17:59 The friendships that Darren fostered

23:19 Life after Darren’s baseball card business

32:00 Facing his drug addiction

41:40 Finding God

44:37 Various interventions

48:22 Can money buy happiness?

51:00 About Darren’s NPO Aiming High Foundation

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