#216: How To Master Your Priorities And Maximise Your Productivity


Do you procrastinate until the last possible second? If so, then this episode is for you. This week on the show I speak with Graham Allcott – entrepreneur, author, and self-proclaimed Productivity Ninja. Graham has cracked the code to combatting procrastination and maximising productivity – and this week on the podcast, he reveals his top tips. Graham shares his advice for enhancing productivity, managing priorities and using tech to become more efficient than ever before. This episode is packed with practical tips that you can implement today to help you master your mind and race through your to-do list.

Show Notes

00:03:27 Definition of a Productivity Ninja

00:04:45 The evolution of Graham’s learnings since 2014

00:06:45 Graham’s journey

00:16:14 The guilt around doing nothing

00:20:01 The 4-day workweek

00:24:08 The impact of tech to foster productivity

00:27:14 Does earning commission impact your productivity?

00:31:55 Understanding your employees’ drivers

00:39:39 Graham’s childhood

00:47:44 Is university a scam?

00:56:57 How to manage your priorities

01:00:56 How to assess value-adding activities

01:02:39 Writing his next book

01:07:46 Productivity tips

01:15:10 Lessons on money management

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