#208: Fixing The Broken Education System With Emirati Entrepreneur Dr. Adil Alzarooni


The education system is broken. The entire system needs an overhaul from the outdated curriculum to the teaching staff, schooling structure, and management of pupils. But, there is another way… This week I speak with Dr. Adil Alzarooni – an Emirati leader, entrepreneur, and the driver behind the newly-opened Citizens School in Dubai. The Citizens School is what I imagine the future of school to be: fostering the individual talents of kids, empowering them to make their own choices, having mentors instead of teachers, and learning about entrepreneurship, digital currencies, and mental health. In this episode, Dr. Adil and I discuss some common Emirati stereotypes, entrepreneurship in the UAE, the education system, the idea behind the Citizens School – and towards the end, Dr. Adil and I explore the concept of happiness. If you want to be inspired by a humble and resilient leader, you may want to dive into this episode now.

Show Notes

03:30 Emirati culture

07:57 Career journey

10:56 Entrepreneurship in the UAE

17:00 Acceptance of expats in the UAE

20:55 Is the education system broken?

29:08 About Citizens School

32:59 The inspiration behind Citizens School

37:02 The need for entrepreneurship

43:46 What is success?

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