#207: The Key To Becoming A Great Salesperson With The King Of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer


It’s a skill that everybody needs to master: sales. Whether you’re a receptionist, doctor, entrepreneur or mechanic – sales skills are essential to success. This week I am speaking with the King of Sales and a massive role model of mine – Jeffrey Gitomer. Jeffrey is an absolute legend in the industry, and his books are a how-to-sell blueprint for any sales professional. Jeffrey has taught thousands of people how to sell and is one of the top sales experts in the world. In this episode, Jeffrey reveals why sales is a science and how you can master it. We also discuss how switching your mindset to being a value provider will help you close more deals and generate more income. If you want to brush up on your sales skills and learn more about the key to becoming a great salesperson, definitely do not miss this episode.

Show Notes

06:00 Jeffrey’s journey into sales

07:31 Why sales is a science

10:26 Selling VS consulting

12:45 Jeffrey’s upbringing

14:36 Why entrepreneurs don’t learn selling

18:11 What salespeople get wrong

21:09 Being a value provider VS salesperson

27:40 How to train salespeople

33:21 Lead generation

36:30 The process of writing a book

40:36 Productivity tips

43:35 Recruiting salespeople

56:56 Jeffrey’s favourite sales story

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