#209: Changing How People Think About Health & Fitness With James Smith


James Smith is one of the most outspoken fitness experts on social media, earning himself millions of loyal followers. Known for his brutal honesty and debunking fitness myths, James has become the world’s fastest-growing online personal trainer. In this episode, James shares exclusive insights into his early days as a personal trainer and how he has amassed millions of followers across various social media platforms. We also discuss building resilience, the importance of failure, and James’s journey to finding happiness and balance. If you’re in Dubai, you can catch James Smith live on his show ‘The C Word’ on Oct 28, 2022.

Show Notes

02:37 About James Smith

04:54 How most PTs market themselves

08:56 What is happiness?

10:53 James Smith’s Trifecta

13:45 Why James likes calling people out on their BS

18:19 Winning vs losing

21:05 Building resilience

25:19 James’s social media

31:27 James’s first successes

39:29 How James creates content

45:18 The truth about work-life balance

46:58 James’s latest book

53:57 Favourite books

56:40 Favourite podcasts

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